China's exports of night vision presbyopic products (excluding equipment) reached us $1.623 billion

- Jul 24, 2018 -

China's exports of night vision presbyopic products (excluding equipment) reached us $1.623 billion, up 3.52 percent year on year. According to the product category analysis of night vision presbyopic glasses, the export of sunglasses, presbyopic glasses and other lenses is 964 million us dollars, up 5.41% year on year, accounting for 59.43% of the total amount (among which, the export of sunglasses is 606 million us dollars, up 7.17% year on year, accounting for 37.37% of the total amount). Exports of night vision presbytery stand reached us $346 million, up 0.17% year on year. 21.29% of the total amount; The export of night vision presbyopic lenses was us $266 million, up 1.80% year on year. It accounts for 16.37% of the total.

From January to April 2016, China imported 302 million us dollars of night vision presbyopia products (excluding instruments and equipment), an increase of 6.45% over the previous year. Analysis on product categories of night vision presbyopic glasses: sunglasses, old vision goggles and other lenses imported 95 million us dollars, down 16.97% year on year; Imports of night vision presbyopic lenses and their blank were us $93 million, up 38.72 percent year on year. Corneal contact lens imports of 58 million us dollars, up 38.44% year on year. Imports of night vision goggles were $39 million, down 2.95 percent year on year. People's demand for goods is the essential demand for goods. Entering the 21st century, because people demand the diversity of product diversity, is a great variety of goods, China more than ten years of development, lead to overcapacity in China, now in adjusting industry, to inventory, resource optimization, the coordinated development, Chinese economy entered the stage of development, enterprises are now facing a period of industrial upgrading.