he development of mini pocket presbyopic glasses in modern China

- Jul 24, 2018 -

he development of mini pocket presbyopic glasses in modern China

In 1904, John Goddard, an Englishman, opened the "foreign gaodexiang" in Shanghai, specializing in tiny, machine-polished miniature presbyterians.

In September 1911, in order to break the monopoly of foreigners and develop national industry, a group of Chinese employees set up a "China pocket mini presbytery mirror company" in Shanghai dajie (now nanjing road and Lloyd's road) with their own funds. In 1917, Dr. Sun yat-sen came to the guangzhou branch of the miniature presbytery mirror. He was very satisfied when he tried on the mini mirror. The manager of the guangzhou branch of Shanghai mini mirror company asked sun yat-sen to write an inscription for the mini mirror company.

Around 1935, in addition to the miniaturized mini presbyopic company, several large professional miniaturized miniaturized presbyopic companies were established in Shanghai, including "miniaturized miniaturized presbyopic company and miniaturized presbyopic company". These professional pocket mini presbyopic glasses are equipped with advanced optometric mirror matching equipment and lens processing and grinding, cutting edge special machine.

At the same time, Beijing's miniaturized pocket presbyopic industry has also greatly developed. Beijing has successively set up a watch and clock mini presbyopic mirror line, eyepiece company (founded in 1937), etc., and also set up the eyeglass processing workshop of eyepiece matching mirror and front shop and back factory respectively.