How do you tell the material from foster grant's folded reading glasses?

- Jul 24, 2018 -

How do you tell the material from foster grant's folded reading glasses?

The plate is a foster-grant folded reading frame material, known as the plastic frame. But in fact, there is a big difference between plate frame and plastic frame, so what is plate frame?

The foster-grant folding reading glasses are made of high-tech plastic memory boards, usually cut from acetate fibers.

The features are beautiful and fashionable, and the cutting of the frame is made in one breath. Compared with the metal, the frame is light, good in quality, relatively hard, not easy to break, fatigue, fade and deform, because this material has certain memory.

There are also metal plate frames on the market, a combination that makes forster grant's folded reading glasses firmer and more personal and innovative.

? Plate frames are commonly used by young people. Because of the characteristics of materials, foster grant folded reading glasses have more changes in color and shape than other materials, and they are more exaggerated, which cater to the taste of young people.

Modern foster grant folded reading glasses, usually with a nose brace in the middle of the lens, and a soft pad in the left and right arms around the ear. People who love beauty or are not used to wearing foster-grant folding reading glasses can choose to correct their vision with invisible foster-grant folding reading glasses. Despite the increasing popularity of invisible foster grant folding reading glasses and laser vision correction surgery, foster grant folding reading glasses are still the most common vision correction tool.