If polarizing cat sunglasses do not provide uv protection

- Jul 24, 2018 -

If polarizing cat sunglasses do not provide uv protection, they will expose you to more uv radiation. Cheap polarised cat sunglasses filter out some of the light, causing your iris to open to receive more. This will also allow more ultraviolet light into the retina, increasing the damage it does to the retina.

So there is a real difference between polarizing cat - eye sunglasses. For the specific use of the environment, the selection of appropriate, high-quality polarizing cat eye sunglasses will provide you with the greatest protection.

According to international standards, polarized cat eye sunglasses are listed as personal eye protection items. Polarized cat - eye sunglasses are designed to block out glare. However, the international standard divides polarized cat eye sunglasses into "fashion mirror" and "general purpose mirror". The quality requirement of "fashion mirror" is low in the standard. Because "fashionable dress lens" basically outstanding is design, what wearing a person notices is adornment, not protect a function. In the standard, "the quality requirements for general-purpose mirrors are stricter, including requirements for uv protection, refractive index and prism index.

Certain surfaces, such as water surfaces, reflect large amounts of light, and the resulting bright spots can disturb the view or hide objects. High quality polarizing cat sunglasses can completely eliminate such glare using polarizing technology, which will be introduced later.