The development of decorative presbyopic glasses in China

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The development of decorative presbyopic glasses in China

1. Primitive legend stage: from the yellow emperor period to the western han dynasty

This stage is mainly the original glass piece, the ancestors found the crystal clear stone on the beach, in the rock cave, on the stone wall, through which they can see objects, this is the natural material that can be used to grind the lens -- the glass stone. This is the material basis that decorates the origin of presbyopic glasses.

2. Single lens stage: eastern han dynasty -- northern song dynasty

In the han dynasty, social economy and scientific culture developed greatly. The appearance of paper making and movable type printing, the introduction of Buddhism, a large number of ancient books are difficult to identify the swatter, which requires a kind of eye-aid tool, magnifying glass came into being.

3. Two-lens stage: southern song, yuan and Ming dynasties

After more than one thousand years of using a single lens, people find it very inconvenient to look at things with a hand-held mirror, through repeated practice, and then produced a double decorative presbyopic mirror.

4. Two straight legs: Ming and qing

People in the practice that USES double piece to have no leg to decorate presbyopic lens, feel a string to hang an ear to have frontal bracket to decorate presbyopic lens already not beautiful not convenient, double piece straight leg decorates presbyopic lens to be born subsequently. The Chinese traditionally used bronze and brass as beams, frames and legs to decorate the mirrors, with two legs stuck to each side of the forehead. The development that decorates presbyopic lens produced a leap.