The development of sun glasses in the world

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The development of sun glasses in the world

Glass flow choi

In 3000 BC, ancient egyptians began to produce glass products with glass furnaces. The technology of glass glaze has been widely used in ancient tombs.

Visual breakthrough

The Arab scholar al-hazen, the father of modern optics in the 11th century, published the theory of vision. It laid the foundation of modern optics and vision.

SPAR read

Roger Bacon, an Englishman, wrote in Opus majus in 1268: "curved crystal lenses make distant objects appear close together and small things appear large. It's good for people with poor eyesight. He used crystals or glass to make magnifying convex lenses called "Reading Stones" to help older monks and even the Pope read the bible.

Sun glasses, old flower glasses, are new

Around 1286, an Italian craftsman, on the basis of the convex mirror, invented the old sunglasses which can adjust the diopter to correct vision. Highly skilled crystal and glass artisans began to mass produce.