How To Choose A Suit To Suit Oneself Acetic Acid Female Fashionable Sunglasses

- Jul 24, 2018 -

How to choose a suit to suit oneself acetic acid female fashionable sunglasses?

1. Choose according to face shape:

Try to avoid wearing frames that are too similar to your face, so as not to overemphasize lines. Usually the shape of the face is round, goose-egg, square, inverted triangle and gourd. For example, if your face is square, you should choose frames that are slightly wider than your face, which will make your face look slightly thinner. If your face is round, angular and square frames are helpful in modifying the lines of your face.

Choose according to the color of your skin

The person with lighter skin color had better choose the frame with lighter color, the person with darker skin color chooses the frame with heavier color. For example, a pale person can choose a soft pink color, a hawksbill shell color or a gold and silver frame, and a darker color can choose a red, black or hawksbill shell color.

3. According to the hair style:

If you have bangs, avoid contact with your hair on the upper edge of the frame. If you have curly hair, make sure the frame is not too large to prevent the rim from touching the hair.

In summer, as a result of difficult to eliminate the heat often gives a person irritable and tired feeling. Because of the influence of psychology, if the fashionable sunglasses of acetic acid women are not suitable for wearing, it is easy to give a person redundant encumbrance. Accordingly, summer deserve a lens to pay attention to grab an eye rather than dazzling. For example, if pink and gray horizontal stripe outfit, tie-in red novel picture frame, while adding a book scroll spirit, reveal the temperament that is carefree and can person. In winter, warm red headscarf and black hair contrast, if you wear the same color frame set off, you are the embodiment of popularity and personality.