Low Price Plastic Reading Glasses For Protection

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Low price plastic reading glasses for protection

1. Single hand picking and wearing will damage the left and right balance of the frame and lead to deformation. It is recommended that you hold the mirror leg with both hands and wear it in parallel directions on both sides of the cheek.

2. When wearing, the left leg of the mirror is usually folded first, which is not easy to cause the deformation of the frame.

3. It is recommended to wash the low-cost plastic reading glasses with water and dry them with a paper towel, and then use the special low-price plastic reading glasses cloth to try to wipe them. It is necessary to hold the edge of the frame on one side of the mirror and gently wipe the lens, so as to avoid the damage of the frame or lens caused by excessive force.

4. When not wearing low-priced plastic reading glasses, please wrap them in low-priced plastic reading glasses cloth and put them into the low-priced plastic reading glasses box. If temporarily placed, please turn the low price plastic reading glasses upside down, otherwise easy to wear lenses. At the same time, the cheap plastic reading glasses should be avoided and pest control, clean toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, contact corrosion items such as drug, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature for a long time (more than 60 ℃) placed, otherwise easy to cause the lens, frame degradation, deterioration, color change, etc.

5. Regularly go to the professional shop for plastic surgery adjustment. The deformation of the frame will cause a burden on the nose and ears, and the lenses will be easily loosened.

6. Do not use low-price plastic reading glasses in intense sports to avoid the broken lenses caused by strong impact and the eyes and face damage; Do not wear lenses to prevent vision loss caused by light dispersion. Do not look directly at the sun or strongly glare to avoid eye injury.