Many Parents Also Want To Buy Flat-lens Round Sunglasses For Their Children During Summer Vacations

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Many parents also want to buy flat-lens round sunglasses for their children during summer vacations, when the sun is dazzling. But how to buy flat lens circular sunglasses is the key. Now small make up and everybody introduce the attention that buys planar lens circular sunglasses.

One, the harm that chooses wrong plane lens circular sunglasses

The choice of circular flat lens sunglasses really needs to be paid attention to. Since children's eyes are not mature enough, they cannot wear glasses as casually as adults. In fact, children's eye development also needs external sunlight and object stimulation, so it is good for children's eye health.

Once children wear circular planar lenses with poor filtering effect, they can easily block out the light and reduce the clarity of what they see. A child's eye development requires high-resolution retinal imaging, which can interfere with the development of the child's vision if he or she wears round flat lens sunglasses at this stage. It's more likely to cause myopia. However, some high - spec glasses pay more attention to this aspect of influence, in the design of flat lens round sunglasses, will also pay more attention to the treatment of filter light.