The High-quality Sunglasses Culture Of Acetic Acid Fully Reflects A Country's Ideological And Ideological Ideology

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The high-quality sunglasses culture of acetic acid fully reflects a country's ideological and ideological ideology, morality, values, beliefs, customs and other cultural characteristics of a nation. It is a combination of material and art, embodied in tangible ways. It not only reflects the progress of social civilization, but also reflects the identity, social status, ideology, interests and hobbies of the wearer.

The lens culture

The cultural connotation of the lens is mainly reflected in the fine degree of the material, the size, curve, combination, color and luster of the lens. In ancient times, the differences of high-quality acetate sunglasses used by emperors, officials, rich people and ordinary people reflected completely different cultural colors and connotations. In modern society, men and women use mirrors in different styles to reflect people's ideological and cultural connotations.

Frame culture

The culture of frame is also reflected in the high and low quality of materials, the exquisite degree of frame appearance, color and decoration, as well as the meaning of picture and text. The ancient frames were often engraved with patterns of happiness, wealth, wealth and wealth, which embodied the values of "happiness before our eyes", "happiness and longevity", "prosperity for officials" and "prosperity for all seasons". At the same time, the liang jia often also engraved shop name, font, name, gold content and so on. According to social status and status, the frames used by emperors and dignitaries are made of gold, silver, hawksbill, ivory and other precious materials, while the high-quality acetate sunglasses used by ordinary people are made of copper, iron, steel and wood. The beam frame design of high quality acetate sunglasses is gradually transferred from the initial arch bridge shape, door shape, gate shape, gate hole shape and arc shape to the one shape, bamboo knot shape and up-down turning beam shape. Beam card, side card, from the shape of cloud, cat head, tiger head to eagle head, two point, plum flower point shape.