The Quality Supervision Department Held The Opening Day Of The Special Laboratory Of Women's Cat Eye Sunglasses And Medical Measuring Instruments

- Jul 24, 2018 -

On world metrology day, the quality supervision department held the opening day of the special laboratory of "women's cat eye sunglasses and medical measuring instruments". The reporter was informed that qsiq participated in the random inspection of the quality of the sunglasses with female cat eyes in our city by the quality supervision department in 2015. The unqualified discovery rate was 15.13%, more than three times of the provincial average level (4.66%).

The 15.13 per cent failure rate for women's cat eye sunglasses is the full result of "spot checks" rather than "censuses", which are truly shocking. In my opinion, even if it is only one percent unqualified rate, the "harm" to the public is 100 percent. Do we dare to despise this?

The market of women's cat's eye sunglasses is mixed, and its roots lie in two aspects: first, some standards are formulated with regularity and "lag". With the flow of "immoral blood" everywhere, it is hard to avoid production and sales scuffles, and various problems gradually emerge. In both cases, the existing evaluation standards cannot keep up with the speed of product "upgrading", which directly leads to the passive lag of law enforcement.