Women's Fashion Sunglasses Should Be 100 Percent Qualified

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Boil down to a word, it is the response of functional departments is not sensitive, confined to "after the event" management ideas. In the modern information society, new products emerge in an endless stream and new technologies are changing with each passing day. If the standard follow-up is always "slow" and the regulatory promotion is always "slow", and even always lags behind the industry chaos and media exposure, then we will have to be in a state of "fire-fighting after the event" and "post-disaster work". In addition, the system construction of supervision without strict supervision and weak supervision is balked, and the inspection style of festival response is not changed, and the quality of goods will be like the "small strong", which is exactly the sorrow of "Chinese supervision".

Women's fashion sunglasses should be 100 percent qualified, which must be an insurmountable bottom line. The sooner the standard "short board" is complete and enforced, the better, but as a function of the supervisory responsibility, why not "charge"? The problem of management absence is there, and everyone knows that the solution lies in "power is set, responsibility is set, and man is set". On the one hand, it is necessary to "adjust the structure and change the way" in the management mode and extend the reach to antenatal services. It is advisable to intervene in advance and guide the production effectively by means of service outsourcing, so as to minimize the "problem products" being born in the "blank area" of supervision. On the other hand, it is possible to purify the market order by taking more steps along the market route and the mass route and forming a joint force and strict customs clearance on supervision.